About Us

Update Academy is a company specialised in the latest Internet services’ offer.We assist the project owners at the various stages of implementation of their project, from the genesis to the implementation of a strategy to generate leads.
We offer them a set of services that can make them visible to their clients and facilitate interaction with them.
Our expertise::


Digitize your project 

You have a project ? We help you to digitize it..


- Generate leads

Easily generate new customers with our tools


- Build customer loyalty

Build customer loyalty through the advice from our experts


Disk Office


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Disk Office

MLM Plateform

Up Kit

Digital Business Card

Up Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding Plateform


Crowdsourcing Plateform

Market Place

Create E-commerce website easily

Promo Page

Platefrom to promote your business

Video Page

Save and Share video easily

Event Page

Event Organisation plateform
Our job is to realize your projects